Sebastian Gorka serves as a Deputy Assistant to the President, a member of the National Security Council Staff and a member of the new Strategic Initiatives Group at the White House. Gorka has been mired in overwhelming evidence of his relationship with the Nazi-collaborating Vitézi Rend. From donning their metal at an Inauguration ball to using the lowercase “v.” in his name in both his doctoral dissertation and congressional testimony, Gorka’s connection to the Vitézi Rend is troubling. Recently, several former University of San Francisco students who took classes with Gorka while they were studying abroad in Hungary penned a letter about Gorka published by the USF student newspaper. The letter denounces Gorka for his “exclusionary rhetoric against Muslims” and alleges that Gorka’s “modern Hungarian history course omitted discussion of the Holocaust, failing to acknowledge the half million Hungarian Jews murdered by the Nazis and their Hungarian collaborators in the Second World War.”
None of this even mentions Gorka’s political activism when he was in Hungary, which includes founding a political party with former members of the anti-Semitic Jobbik Party, praising the anti-Semitic paramilitary Hungarian Guard, and a failed mayoral run in a small town whose residents knew Gorka as a member of the Vitézi Rend.Gorka also wrote an article for a newspaper run by an anti-Semite and  defended protesters’ use of a flag linked to the pro-Nazi Arrow Cross. A former national security editor for Steve Bannon’s alt-right Breitbart, Gorka also has defended and promoted Milo Yiannopoulos (who made several anti-Semitic comments) on social media. The White House’s Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement that failed to mention Jews received widespread criticism from Jewish organizations across the political spectrum; yet Gorka dismissed the criticism as “asinine.”
The red flags about Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka:

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